PVC Oil Fence Boom

Product Name
Oil Fence Booms
PVC tarpaulin fabric
Tensile Strength
Suitable Temperature
-30ºC – 70ºC
Over Water Height
Anti-wind Speed
Prevent the spread of oil spills in lakes and seas


The PVC oil fence boom is used to prevent the spread of oil spills and reduce the area of oil spills in order to contain, intercept and guide the source of oil spills. It works with equipment that recovers and treats oil spills and prevents potential oil spills. It can also act as a barrier to intercept other floating objects in lake waters.

pvc oil fence boom Features

1.We have various types and materials of oil booms, such as float type PVC oil booms, float type rubber oil booms, inflatable oil booms, fire-proof oil booms, boom type oil booms, quick release oil booms, oil suction boom etc. Suitable for docks, ports, lakes, seas, oil platforms and handling oil spills.
2.PVC oil fence boom is a kind of light weight permanent containment boom which is made of high strength orange pvc tarpaulin fabric with closed cell polyethylene foam to control oil spill in calm water area.
3. It is composed of special pvc  tarpaulin, “tumbler” foam oil-resistant float, ridge rope,
reinforcing belt, counterweight chain, anchor seat, etc. The structure of float type PVC oil boom is horizontal wood type, which has good stability and strong wind and wave resistance. It is an economical and general-purpose oil boom selection product for waters, docks and shipwreck rescue.


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