Lay Flat Discharge Hose

Tube Material PVC
Pressure 150 psi at 70 degrees F (if temperature exceeds 110° F the working pressure will go down)
Max Temperature -5 to 170 degrees F
Inside Diameter customized size
Construction 3-Ply Polyester Yarns. Both tube and cover are extruded simultaneously to obtain maximum bonding
mildew-proof     Increased durability and longevity
non-water absorbing     Protects your water from contamination
Purchase by the foot     Buy exactly what you need


Lay Flat Discharge Hose is made of pvc tarpaulin fabric & a specialized type of hose designed for efficient water discharge, particularly in applications where temporary and rapid fluid transfer is required. This hose is characterized by its ability to be laid flat when not in use, allowing for easy storage, transportation, and quick deployment when needed.

Key features of the Lay Flat Discharge Hose include:
  • Lays Flat for easy, compact storage and transportation
  • Does not absorb water and is mildew proof
  • Resistant to grease, oil and many chemicals and acids
  • Reinforced with spiral plies and longitudinal synthetic cords for strength, durability, flexibility and burst resistance.
  • UV Protected to withstand outdoor conditions

Technical Specs:

  • PVC tube and cover of the hose extruded simultaneously to ensure maximum bonding and high quality.
  • Manufactured with continuous high tensile strength polyester fiber woven to provide reinforcement
  • Formulated with UV and ozone Protectors
  • Working Temperatures – 5 degrees F to 149 degrees F
  • Quarry
  • Discharge and pumping
  • Construction
  • Irrigation
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • OIl and gas exploration and extraction

Product Description:

Our Lay Flat Discharge Hose, commonly referred to as high pressure lay flat hose, high pressure discharge hose, construction hose, trash pump hose, and high pressure flat hose is perfect for use with water, light chemicals and other industrial, agricultural, irrigation, quarry, mining and construction fluids. Manufactured with a continuous premium quality tensile strength polyester fiber circularly woven to provide reinforcement, it is one of the most durable high pressure lay flat hoses in the industry. Formulated with UV protectant, it is able to withstand outdoor conditions, and is ideally suited for use in general open-end water discharge applications requiring higher pressure. The PVC tube and the cover of the hose are extruded simultaneously to ensure maximum bonding and high quality. The hose is reinforced with spiral plies and longitudinal synthetic cords for strength, flexibility and burst resistance. This hose is very strong, yet relatively lightweight; it resists twisting and kinking; it does not absorb water and is mildew and ozone proof. It is resistant to grease, oil and many chemicals and acids. It easily rolls flat for convenient and compact storage and transportation. It can be coupled with aluminum, malleable or Gator Lock shank connectors or quick connects through a variety of methods, including standard hose clamps or crimp on connectors. It can be used in relay supply line, industrial and portable hydrant applications, but it is not meant for use as a fire hose or as a replacement for a fire hose.It is specifically designed for use in medium to higher pressure applications for the discharge of water and light chemicals and is easily transported and stored in its lay-flat, coiled position.



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