Organic silicone canvas

material: 100% polyester with silicon coated

color: army green

Max width: 2mts/roll

weight: 300-600gsm


Organic silicone canvas is a type of fabric that falls under the category of polyester canvas, woven specifically with polyester fibers. This canvas is infused or coated with organic silicone, providing it with distinct characteristics that make it versatile and valuable in various applications.

Key Features of Organic silicone canvas :
  1. Lightweight: The fabric is known for its lightness, making it easy to handle and transport.
  2. Waterproof: Organic silicone canvas exhibits excellent waterproof properties, making it suitable for applications where water resistance is crucial.
  3. Mold-Resistant: It does not promote the growth of mold, ensuring durability and hygiene, especially in damp conditions.
  4. Good Breathability: Despite being waterproof, the canvas maintains good breathability, allowing air circulation.
  5. Soft and Flexible: The material is soft and flexible, contributing to its ease of use in different settings.
  6. Abrasion Resistance: It is resistant to wear and tear, making it suitable for applications where durability is essential.

Common Applications:

  1. Military Use: Organic silicone canvas is often employed in the manufacturing of military tents,canvas tarps, and vehicle covers due to its lightweight, waterproof, and durable nature.
  2. Transportation: Used for cargo covers on vehicles, trains, and ships to protect goods during transportation.
  3. Warehousing: Ideal for covering goods in open warehouses at stations, ports, and airports.
  4. Temporary Structures: Widely used for constructing temporary tents, sheds, and warehouses at construction sites, agricultural fields, and events.
  5. Military Training: Applied in the creation of military training facilities, field military tents, and vehicle covers,heavy duty organic silicone tarps.
  6. Rainproof Coverings: Due to its scratch and wear resistance, the canvas finds applications in covering metal materials to protect them from rain and other environmental factors.

Usage Precautions:

  1. The canvas has high tensile strength and resistance to high temperatures, contributing to its durability.
  2. In case of damage during use, repairs can be made using needle and thread.

Overall, organic silicone canvas is a valuable material with a range of properties that make it well-suited for diverse industrial and commercial purposes, combining practicality with durability.



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