Organic silicone canvas

What is Organic silicone canvas?

Organic silicone canvas belongs to a type of polyester canvas, woven with polyester fibers.

Features: lightweight, waterproof, mold-resistant, good breathability. It is an excellent material for making military tents, tarpaulins, and awnings.

Its characteristics: light, soft, breathable, dust-repellent, wear-resistant, waterproof. Mainly used in military vehicles, military tents, and now widely used by the public in tents and car awnings.

I. Product use of Organic silicone canvas
  1. Used as canvas for transportation by cars, trains, and ships.
  2. Used to cover goods in open warehouses at stations, ports, and airports.
  3. Used for building temporary tents and covering various crops outdoors.
  4. Used as materials for building temporary sheds and warehouses at construction sites, power construction sites, etc.
  5. Used for military training, field military tents, military vehicle waterproof silicone tarps, etc.
  6. Due to its scratch and wear resistance, it is also widely used in covering metal materials for rainproof canvas.

II. Product features and usage precautions:

  1. Organic silicone canvas has waterproof and dustproof functions, with high tensile strength, resistance to high temperatures, convenient folding, scratch resistance, and wear resistance.
  2. If the product is damaged during use, it can be repaired with a needle and thread.

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