pvc tarpaulin sheet

Material: pvc  tarpaulin fabric

Color: any color is available

Finished size: any size

Extra request:UV  FR

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Pvc tarpaulin sheet is made of pvc coated tarpaulin fabric , on both sides with polyvinyl chloride coating, with reinforced rims by heat sealing on all sides, (or 2 sides heat sealing and 2 sides double stitching), and a 5 millimeters diameter PE or PP rope on the edge, inside the hem. 1000 denier minimum.
Reinforcement eyelets: Aluminum eyelets or equivalent on four sheet sides of the single sheets at 100cm ±5cm centre to centre, providing very strong fixation points.

Features of pvc tarpaulin sheet

1. Excellent waterproof performance, anti-permeable ≥ 20KPa.
2. Obvious mildew proofing and inflame-retarding properties, flame retardant ≤ 10 seconds.
3. Anticorrosion including: acid, alkali and brine corrosion, and etc.
4. Heat resistance, and be able to adapt to variety of open-air natural conditions.
5. Good low-temperature flexibility, this fabric will not be fractured by pliers at -30℃.
6. Almost no absorbable of water, drying quickly after the rain without adding weight, convenient in usage.
7. Heat combined with high-frequency, which guaranteed this fabric water tight and will not crack.
8. High strength of tensile.
9. Light, 500 to 800 grammas per square meter.


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